INCITS TR-40:2005

INCITS TR-40:2005

Information technology - Fibre Channel - Avionics Environment - SCSI-3 Remote Direct Memory Access (FC-AE-RDMA)



This technical report defines a set of features necessary to implement a real-time Fibre Channel network
(switched fabric or arbitrated loop) supporting the FC-AE-RDMA Upper Level Protocol. Any device complying
with this report should interoperate with other devices that comply with the FC-AE-RDMA protocol.
The FC-AE-RDMA ULP was first defined in the FC-AE Technical Report, INCITS TR-31-2002. This is the
first update to FC-AE-RDMA as a standalone document.

Additional Info

Author InterNational Committee for Information Technology Standards (formerly NCITS)
Published by INCITS
Document type Standard
Keyword INCITS TR-40:2005
ANSI Approved