INCITS 504-3-2016

INCITS 504-3-2016

Information Technology - Generic Identity Command - Part 3: GICS Platform Testing Requirements



This part of the multi-part standard defined by INCITS 504 addresses the testing of assertions made in
parts 1 and 2 of the standard. Part 3 of this multi-part standard will define conformity assessment to include
the use of relevant existing conformity assessments.
Identity credential storage (Namespace standardization)
Authentication protocols
Biometric verification
Confidentiality protocols
Digital signatures
Card management
Application management
Key management
Related administrative management functions
Card lifecycle model
Card enablement

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Author InterNational Committee for Information Technology Standards (formerly NCITS)
Published by INCITS
Document type Standard
Number of pages 66
Keyword INCITS 504-3-2016
ANSI Approved