INCITS 504-2-2013

INCITS 504-2-2013

Information Technology - Generic Identity Command Set Part 2: Card Administrative Command Set



This standard defines a card administrative command set addressing:

Card management
Card life cycle model
Application management
Key management (not addressed in other parts)
Related administrative management functions
Card enablement
In the context of the Generic Identity Command Set, this part is based on ISO/IEC 7816-4, ISO/IEC 7816-9 and
ISO/IEC 7816-13.
In compliance with ISO/IEC 7816-13, a management scheme is defined in this standard, with a mandatory
common set of administrative commands.

Additional Info

Author InterNational Committee for Information Technology Standards (formerly NCITS)
Published by INCITS
Document type Standard
Number of pages 53
Replace INCITS 504-1 and 504-2 Draft
Keyword INCITS 504-2-2013
ANSI Approved