INCITS 480-2011

INCITS 480-2011

Information Technology - BIOS Enhanced Disk Drive Specification - 4 (EDD-4)



This standard assumes that the reader is familiar with the conventional INT 13h interface, the usage of the BIOS
Device Parameter Table, and the basic operation of mass storage devices. This standard describes in detail
BIOS functions and data structures that are used as an abstraction layer to allow higher-level applications to
access mass storage devices in an interface and command-set independent manner. To comply with this
standard, higher-level software shall call the INT functions using the data structures described herein, and
system firmware shall provide the INT functions and data structures described herein.

Additional Info

Author InterNational Committee for Information Technology Standards (formerly NCITS)
Published by INCITS
Document type Standard
Number of pages 86
Replace INCITS 480 Draft
Keyword INCITS 480-2011
ANSI Approved