INCITS 465-2010

INCITS 465-2010

Information technology - SCSI/ATA Translation - 2 (SAT-2)



This standard specifies a translation layer between SCSI and ATA protocols. This translation layer is
used by storage controllers to emulate objects in a SCSI logical unit using an ATA device, providing
capabilities defined by SCSI standards (e.g., the SCSI Block Commands (SBC-3) and SCSI Primary
Commands (SPC-4) standards). For the purposes of this standard, ATA device capabilities are defined
by ATA8-AAM, ATA8-ACS, ATA8-APT, ATA8-AST, and SATA-2.6.

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Author InterNational Committee for Information Technology Standards (formerly NCITS)
Published by INCITS
Document type Standard
Number of pages 168
Keyword INCITS 465-2010
ANSI Approved