INCITS 437-2008

INCITS 437-2008

Information technology - Fibre Channel SATA Tunneling Protocol (FC-SATA)



This standard specifies a Fibre Channel mapping layer (i.e., an FC-4) to enable the use of Fibre Channel
topologies to attach Serial ATA devices to ATA host systems. The Serial ATA interface is defined in the
ATA/ATAPI-7 set of standards (ANSI INCITS 397-2005).
This standard specifies:
a) Efficient transport of Serial ATA commands and responses over any Fibre Channel topology,

b) Communication of necessary Serial ATA interface conditions over any Fibre Channel topology,

c) Coordinated shared use of Serial ATA devices by multiple host systems on any Fibre Channel

d) Discovery of Serial ATA devices attached to any Fibre Channel topology, and

e) Concurrent operation with other Fibre Channel FC-4s in the same Fibre Channel topology.

This standard requires no changes to existing Serial ATA standards and no changes to existing Fibre
Channel standards other than nominal changes necessary for addition of a new FC-4. This standard is
suitable for implementation in infrastructure attachment devices, so that existing Serial ATA and Fibre
Channel products may be incorporated in systems that take advantage of this standard.

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Author InterNational Committee for Information Technology Standards (formerly NCITS)
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