INCITS 423.3-2009

INCITS 423.3-2009

Information technology - Conformance Testing Methodology Standard for Biometric Data Interchange Format Standards - Part 3: Conformance Testing Methodology for INCITS 377: Finger Pattern Based Data Interchange Format



This standard is concerned with conformance testing of implementations claiming conformance to the Finger Pattern Data
Interchange Format specification defined in ANSI INCITS 377-2004. More specifically, it is concerned with testing only of
the Biometric Data Interchange Records (BDIR) requirements as defined in ANSI INCITS 423.1-2008.

Conformance testing of the CBEFF requirements as set forth in INCITS 377-2004 is not within the scope of this standard.
Furthermore, this standard is not concerned with testing of other characteristics of biometric products or other types of
testing of biometric products (i.e., acceptance, performance, robustness, security). Any organization contemplating the
use of test methods defined in this part, should carefully consider the constraints on their applicability.

Two types (A and B) and three levels (1, 2, and 3) of conformance testing have been defined in ANSI INCITS 423.1-2008.
However, only Type A, and Levels 1 and 2 are within the scope of this standard.

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