INCITS 423.2-2008

INCITS 423.2-2008

Information technology - Conformance Testing Methodology Standard for Biometric Data Interchange Format Standards - Part 2: Conformance Testing Methodology for INCITS 378-2004, Finger Minutiae Format for Data Interchange



This part of ANSI INCITS 423 specifies the tests required to assure a vendor's application(s) or service(s) conforms to ANSI INCITS 378-2004.
For the purposes of this part of ANSI INCITS 423, of the two types (A and B) and three levels (1,2 and 3) of conformance testing as defined in ANSI INCITS 423.1, only Type A and Levels 1 and 2 are within the scope of this part of ANSI INCITS

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Author InterNational Committee for Information Technology Standards (formerly NCITS)
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