INCITS 423.1-2008

INCITS 423.1-2008

INCITS 423.1, Information technology - Conformance Testing Methodology Standard for Biometric Data Interchange Format Standards - Part 1: Generalized Conformance Testing Methodology



This part of the multi-part standard specifies the concepts, test types and conformance
testing methodologies to test biometric data interchange records or computer algorithms
that create biometric data interchange records. The biometric data interchange records are
specified in the INCITS biometric data interchange format standards. This part defines
two types (A and B) and three levels (1, 2 and 3) of conformance testing, with a general
description and methodology for each one. In the case of the first two levels, there are
many common test elements, and so the assertion language for specifying Level 1 and
Level 2 test assertions is defined in this standard. This multi-part standard is not
concerned with testing of other characteristics of biometric products or other types of
testing of biometric products (i.e., acceptance, performance, robustness, security).
This part of the multi-part standard explicitly does not cover the following areas:

Detailed test elements and assertions or descriptions of any mandatory standard
datasets required for testing. They are provided in the other parts of this standard,
which each describe conformance testing for a specific biometric data interchange
format standard.
Conformance testing methodologies for the CBEFF structures, which are
specified in the INCITS biometric data interchange format standards as the
required encapsulators of the biometric data interchange records.
Type B testing, defined as testing claims by implementations under test that they
can use conformant biometric data interchange records.

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