INCITS 322-2015

INCITS 322-2015

American National Standard for Information Technology - Card Durability Test Methods



This American National Standard describes Test Methods for the evaluation of Identification (ID) card
durability. An ID card is defined as a card identifying its holder and issuer which may carry data required
as input for the intended use of the card.

These test methods are to be used by card issuers, card manufacturers and card component suppliers to
make comparisons of ID card performance. These test methods do not imply a specific correlation to end
use field performance or a given card service life. However, these test methods may be useful for ranking
or comparing the relative durability of ID cards.

Results obtained by use of these test methods should not be represented as equivalent to field use
performance or an absolute index of ultimate card service unless a degree of quantitative correlation has
been established for the ID card material construction in question.

These test methods do not possess and do not constitute requirements for ID cards in general. The
reader is referred to specific application standards for performance requirements and acceptance criteria.
It is the responsibility of card issuers and their suppliers to decide which attributes are required for card
performance in a given card application and to mutually agree which test methods may be appropriate to
assess card performance.

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Author InterNational Committee for Information Technology Standards (formerly NCITS)
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Replace INCITS 322-2008
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