IEC 63281-3-2:2024

IEC 63281-3-2:2024

IEC 63281-3-2:2024 E-Transporters - Part 3-2: Performance test methods for mobility of cargo e-Transporters



IEC 63281-3-2:2024 is applicable to electrically powered transport devices for use on public roads or in public spaces and which are primarily designed for transporting cargo ("cargo e Transporters"). The typical application environment of cargo e-Transporters includes the following: for the purposes of hotels, restaurants, office buildings, hospitals, industrial/recreational parks, public roads, etc.
This document specifies performance criteria and evaluation methods for the mobility of cargo e-Transporters.
This document does not include safety and performance requirements.

Additional Info

Author International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)
Committee TC 125
Published by IEC
Document type Standard
Edition 1.0
ICS 43.120 : Electric road vehicles
Number of pages 57
Keyword IEC63281-3-2,IEC 63281-3-2:2024,IEC 63281-3-2,TC 125