IEC 62455:2010

IEC 62455:2010

IEC 62455:2010 Internet protocol (IP) and transport stream (TS) based service access

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IEC 62455:2010 specifies the terminal for a service purchase and protection system for digital broadcasts, called the 18Crypt system. It is applicable in all countries and regions with suitably compliant broadcasting and multimedia distribution systems. Guidelines for compatible broadcast services are given in this standard. The service purchase and protection functions operate in a pure broadcast environment that may be combined with a bi-directional interactivity channel. It is applicable to the following broadcast systems:
- IP datacast over DVB-H systems,
- DVB T/C/S systems,
- MPEG2 TS-based IP systems,
- Non-MPEG2 TS-based IP systems.
This second edition cancels and replaces the first edition, published in 2007, and constitutes a technical revision. The main changes with respect to the previous edition are:
- Recent developments in DVB and OMA standards caused some incompatibilities, which have been solved in the second edition.
- Technical errors have been corrected, missing details added.
- References have been updated to the newest available ones.

Additional Info

Author International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)
Committee TC 100
Published by IEC
Document type Standard
Edition 2.0
ICS 33.170 : Television and radio broadcasting
35.240.99 : IT applications in other fields
35.100.05 : Multilayer applications
Number of pages 409
Cross references DIN EN 62455 (2011-09), IDT,BS EN 62455 (2011-06-30), IDT,EN 62455 (2011-02), IDT,OEVE/OENORM EN 62455 (2011-10-01), IDT,PN-EN 62455 (2011-03-11), IDT,SS-EN 62455 (2011-09-07), IDT,STN EN 62455 (2011-06-01), IDT,CSN EN 62455 (2011-09-01), IDT,DS/EN 62455
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