Guidance Manual for Tanker Structures, 2020 Consolidated Edition

Guidance Manual for Tanker Structures, 2020 Consolidated Edition



The original manual mainly addressed conventional single hull tankers. This revision includes IACS Recommendation No. 72: Confined Space Safe Practice – Rev.3 Dec 2018 and IACS Unified Requirements (UR) Survey and Certification: Z10.4 Hull Surveys of Double Hull Oil Tankers (Rev.16 May 2019), where changes introduced in Rev.16 are to be uniformly applied by IACS Societies for surveys commenced on or after 1 July 2020.

The first section of the book focuses on survey of tanker structures, commencing with preparations for survey, including safety and access requirements. It sets out survey execution guidelines for the various types of survey, including guidance on ultrasonic thickness detection and the types of defect that might be identified. It then looks at analysis of survey data, in particular identification of corrosion trends and potential risk areas. Finally, guidance is provided on maintenance and repairs that should be undertaken to maintain structural integrity and prevent unwarranted degradation.

The second section outlines general design aspects of double hull tankers, including strength and statutory considerations, and identifies specific areas within the structural arrangement that may be vulnerable to stress concentration, fatigue, corrosion, etc. Additional information is provided on damages to other types of double hull ships in service. The book then discusses protection of the internal structures from corrosion and the necessary permanent access facilities that need to be incorporated into the ship at the time of build to ensure that adequate inspection, monitoring and maintenance can be carried throughout the service life of the ship.

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