FEM 10.2.11-1:2015-02

FEM 10.2.11-1:2015-02

10.2.11 Part 1 - Rail Dependent Storage and Retrieval Systems: Consideration of accidental kinetic energy action in compliance with EN 528. Pallet Racking



This document gives guidance relating to R&S operated by Storage/Retrieval Machines, considering the requirements of the Machinery Directive with regard to possible hazards and risks which should be avoided or minimized.

EN 528: 2008 “Rail dependent storage and retrieval equipment – Safety” is the Standard for this area but due to substantially increased velocities of load handling devices over the last decade, friction clutches will no longer resolve the issues relating to potential impacts. This code has been written to consider possible collisions inducing kinetic energy to the R&S. Kinetic energy design is not common practice and this code provides guidance for single and double deep beam pallet racking, as well as pallet shuttle racking.

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ICS 53.020.99 : Other lifting equipment
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