FCI Steam Trap - Technical Sheets

FCI Steam Trap - Technical Sheets

Steam Trap - Technical Sheets



A compendium of technical bulletins covering Instruments.

1. Tech Sheet 101 - Some Usage Consequences with Orifice Drain Fitting (Valuable Design Considerations for Engineers, Designers, and Steam Users)
2. Tech Sheet 102 - The Benefits of Steam Tracing vs. Electric Tracing
3. Tech Sheet 103 - Steam: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow - The Use of Steam as an Efficient Heat Source
4. Tech Sheet 104 - Small Drip Legs Cause Big Problems - Correct sizing eliminates water hammer, pipe erosion, and long startup times
5. Tech Sheet 105 - Steam Traps: Critical Engineered Devices for Optimal Performance of Steam Systems
6. Tech Sheet 106 - Effective Drainage of Condensing Equipment
7. Tech Sheet 107 - Steam Traps - Operating Principles and Types

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