CODAP® 2010 Divisions 1 & 2 + Addendum 03/2011 & Révision 10/12 English version

CODAP® 2010 Divisions 1 & 2 + Addendum 03/2011 & Révision 10/12 English version

CODAP® 2010 (Div 1 & 2) - Code for Construction of unfired Pressure Vessels + Addendum 03/11 + Revision 10/12 + BDMat included - Version numérique (monopost)



Division 1 focuses on the fabrication of the most common unfired pressure vessels manufactured from the most common materialsDivision 2 specifies the criteria for fabrication of more complex unfired pressure vessels (including many innovations)

Part G (General)

Specifies the organization of the code and regulations that may be applied to design and manufacture unfired pressure vesselsNew: discover the new chapters on serially produced unfired pressure vessel fabrication

Part M (Materials)

Proposes a range of metallic materials with recommendations for specific context such as support, bolting and welding consumablesNew: the Code includes selection of grades of copper and copper alloys

Part C (Design and calculations)

Proposes methods for design and calculations (specific calculation rules, simplified or detailed fatigue analysis, limit load analysis...) applied to different kinds of unfired pressure vessel New: rules of calculation to design partial jacketed pressure vessel (heater tunnel / chiller)

Part F (Fabrication)

Specifies for each kind of material the fabrication rules for unfired pressure vesselNew: find rules for fabrication of copper and copper alloys unfired pressure vessels, rules to take into account impact of several post weld heat treatment on mechanical properties of non-alloyed steels

Part CE (Testing, proof tests and inspection)

Provides the rules of control, tests and inspection to be performed during the fabrication and moreover afterwardsNew: discover the new organization, it now fits the organization of all codes of construction.

BDMat included

A database of 12 000 grades of ferrous and non-ferrous materials, from European, French, German and American specifications, to be used for pressure vessel fabrication. This database provides mechanical and physical characteristics (when available in the specification)

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Author SNCT
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ICS 23.020.30 : Gas pressure vessels, gas cylinders
27.060.30 : Boilers and heat exchangers
Modified by Addendum 03/2011 & Révision 10/2012
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