ARINC Report 679:2021

ARINC Report 679:2021

679 Aircraft Server, Communications, and Interface Standard

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ARINC Report 679 defines the functional characteristics of an airborne server that will support Electronic Flight Bags (EFBs) and similar peripherals used in the flight deck, cabin, and maintenance applications. The document defines how EFBs will efficiently, effectively, safely, and securely connect to the airborne server in a way that offer expanded capabilities to aircraft operators. The airborne server has two main functions, first to provide specific services to connected systems, and second to provide centralized security for the EFB and its data. This document is a functional airborne server definition. It does not define the physical characteristics of the server.

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Author SAE-ITC, ARINC Industry Activities
Published by ARINC
Document type Standard
ICS 49.140 : Space systems and operations
Number of pages 29
Keyword 600 Series
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