ICAO Doc 30000:2021

ICAO Doc 30000:2021

ICAO World Civil Aviation Report (WCAR) 5th Edition, 2021



The World Civil Aviation Report is ICAO's annual flagship publication that reviews the state of the aviation industry through the lens of diverse global aviation experts. The report is an analysis of how stakeholders are tackling today’s most pressing civil aviation challenges. Topics explored in Volume 5 include:

Impact of COVID-19 on civil aviation

How the various stakeholders in air transport will recover from these challenges

ICAO’s efforts for greener aviation in the future

Economic aspects of innovation in aviation in the times of COVID-19 and many more.

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Author International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)
Published by ICAO
Document type Standard
Edition Edition: 5th edition, 2021
ICS 03.220.50 : Air transport
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