BS EN ISO 4628-10:2024 + Redline

BS EN ISO 4628-10:2024 + Redline

Tracked Changes. Paints and varnishes. Evaluation of quantity size defects, intensity uniform changes in appearance Assessment degree filiform corrosion

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Visual inspection (testing),Varnishes,Grades (quality),Deterioration,Paints,Filiform corrosion,Coatings,Surface defects,Defects,Corrosion

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Author British Standards Institution (BSI)
Committee STI/10 - Materials
Published by BSI
Document type Standard
Theme Visual inspection (testing),Varnishes,Grades (quality),Deterioration,Paints,Filiform corrosion,Coatings,Surface defects,Defects,Corrosion
EAN ISBN 978 0 539 31434 2
ICS 87.040 : Paints and varnishes
Number of pages 34
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