IP Standard test methods (STM) 2016

IP Standard test methods (STM) is an essential part of any quality control regime for petroleum testing laboratories. A necessary tool for the national and international testing of petroleum and petroleum products, the 2016 version of IP Standard Test Methods also enables laboratories to provide evidence of compliance with the most up to date test methods during inspections.

Updates for the 2016 edition include:

1 New Full Standard Test Method

  • 615/15    Determination of ignition delay and derived Cetane number (DCN) of middle distillate fuels — ignition delay and combustion delay determination using a constant volume combustion chamber with direct fuel injection

3 New Proposed Methods

  • PM ES/16    Determination of cold filter blocking tendency 
  • PM ET/16    Determination of sulfur content — Wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometry
  • PM EU/16    Determination of Accutrace S10 fuel marker in diesel fuel — gas chromatography using heart-cut and refocusing technique   

And 9 test methods with significant technical changes

  • 229/16    Determination of the relative oxidation stability by rotating bomb of mineral turbine oil
  • 240/15    Determination of extreme pressure properties of lubricating fluids — Timken method
  • 309/16    Determination of cold filter plugging point
  • 398/15    Determination of carbon residue — Micro method
  • 399/16    Determination of hydrogen sulfide in fuel oils
  • 508/16    Assessment of petrol and diesel quality — Fuel quality monitoring system (FQMS)
  • 523/15    Determination of flash point — Rapid equilibrium closed cup method
  • 589/15    Determination of manganese content in unleaded petrol — Inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry (ICP OES) method
  • 606/16    Determination of high-boiling components including fatty acid methyl esters in petrol — Gas chromatographic method

USB stick is searchable and contains all bitumen test methods.

Revisions to existing test methods are detailed in a summary of changes at the end of each method.

Sold in a 3 volume paperback set and includes a searchable, USB stick. To purchase individual methods, visit the IP Test Methods section of the site.