BHMA A156.23-2017

BHMA A156.23-2017

Electromagnetic Locks



This Standard establishes requirements for electromagnetic locks and includes cyclical, dynamic, operational, strength and finish tests. This product is used for access control.

Tests described in this Standard are performed under laboratory conditions. In actual usage, results vary because of installation, maintenance, and environmental conditions.

No lock can provide complete security by itself. Locks may be defeated by forcible or technical means, or evaded by entry elsewhere on the property. No lock can substitute for caution, awareness of your environment, and common sense. Builders hardware is available in multiple performance grades to suit the application. In order to enhance security and reduce risk, consult a qualified locksmith or other security professional.

This item is available as part of a discounted standards set covering
Door Locks.

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Author Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association
Published by BHMA
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Number of pages 20
Replace BHMA A156.23-2010,BHMA A156.23-2004,BHMA A156.23-1999,BHMA A156.23-1992
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