Aviation Engineering

Aviation Engineering

Navigating Through the Golden Years



Marijan Jozic has been involved in avionics engineering and maintenance for over 40 years. He has held a variety of roles, from Test Equipment Calibration and Maintenance Engineer, Systems Engineer, to Product and Program Manager.

In Aviation Engineering: Navigating Through the Golden Years, Marijan candidly shares his journey through the world of avionics. Covering the 40-year period between 1980 and 2020, he discusses his experiences, observations, challenges faced, obstacles overcome, and the lessons learned throughout his successful career, as he proudly carried the torch through a crucial time in the aviation industry. The insights provided on team building and leadership can be beneficial for any stage of a career path.

“Who else could be most qualified to write a book about the golden years of aviation than Marijan Jozic?

From the bowels of electromechanical instrumentation to the latest flight management computers, from the ‘steam gauges’ to LCD and Head Up displays, Marijan has seen, designed and managed their implementation. Thus then, who best to lead you in a journey through those golden years.”

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Author Marijan Jozic
Published by SAE
Cover softbound
Document type Book
EAN ISBN 978-1-4686-0542-6
Number of pages 297
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Keyword R-543 Sector: Aerospace Topic: Flight management systems, Head-up displays, Systems engineering, Test equipment and instrumentation, Avionics, People and personalities
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