ATIS 0600334.2019

ATIS 0600334.2019

Electrical Protection of Communications Towers and Associated Structures



Communications towers and the associated structures, by nature of their outdoor location, are often subject to disturbances from lightning. This standard provides the minimum electrical protection, grounding, and bonding criteria necessary to mitigate the disruptive and damaging effects of lightning. It is intended to serve as a guide for designers or users of such facilities in the application of electrical protection, grounding, and bonding.

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Author The Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions
Published by ATIS
Document type Standard
Theme /subgroups/34540
Number of pages 29
Replace ATIS 0600334.2013,ATIS 0600334.2008,ATIS 0600334.2008 [pre-pub]
Keyword ATIS 0600334.2019
ANSI Approved