ATIS 0404110-0040

ATIS 0404110-0040

Unified Ordering Model - Access Service Request (UOM-ASR) Volume I



The Unified Ordering Model (UOM) describes a complete set of system documentation using an end-to-end structured methodology. The scope of UOM encompasses business requirements, analysis, design and implementation. Logically, these components are defined within the UOM in four volumes. Volume I provides an explanation of the business requirements and a high-level conceptual overview of the solution. It also includes the Business Process Definition, Business Validation Rules, Scenarios and Activity Diagrams. Release of UOM-ASR Volume I, Version 41 is anticipated for September 2022.

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Author The Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions
Published by ATIS
Document type Standard
Theme /subgroups/32980
Number of pages 147
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