ASME B31.3-2020

ASME B31.3-2020

Process Piping



This Code applies to piping for all fluids including:

raw, intermediate, and finished chemicals,

petroleum products,

gas, steam, air and water,

fluidized solids,

refrigerants, and

cryogenic fluids.

Also included is piping that interconnects pieces or stages within a packaged equipment assembly.

Key changes to this revision include:

Unlisted Valves (para. 307)

Flexibility and Stress Intensification Factors (paras. 319 & 320)

Impact Testing (paras. 323.2.2, 323.3.1)

Flange Attachment Welds (para. 328.5.2)

Heat Treatment (para. 330.1, 331.1)

High Pressure Fluid Service Pressure Design (para. K302.3.2)

High Pressure Fluid Service Fatigue Analysis (paras. K302.3, K304.8)

Additional Info

Author American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
Published by ASME
Document type Standard
Theme Pipeline and Piping
Edition 2020
EAN ISBN 9-780-791-8736-63
ICS 23.040.01 : Pipeline components and pipelines in general
75.180.01 : Equipment for petroleum and natural gas industries in general
Number of pages 544
Replace ASME B31.3-2018
Keyword ASME B31,B31,B31.3
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