ASM Handbook Volume 11A

ASM Handbook Volume 11A

Analysis and Prevention of Component and Equipment Failures



The new ASM Handbook Volume 11A is a valuable resource for failure analysts, engineers, and technical personnel who are looking to identify the root cause(s) of failures and to prevent future failures. The editors and hundreds of authors and peer reviewers undertook a wholesale revision and expansion of Volume 11 from its 2002 and 1986 editions and succeeded in producing the go-to reference for those confronted with the failure of a machine or component.

Volume 11A contains divisions devoted to engineering aspects of failure and prevention, structural life assessment methods, metal manufacturing aspects of failure, and failure analysis of metallic components.

The general principles of failure analysis are presented in the companion ASM Handbook, Volume 11: Failure Analysis and Prevention, which was published in 2021. Its divisions cover the practice of failure analysis, tools and techniques, fatigue and fracture, environmental and corrosion-related failures, wear failures, and distortion.

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Author B.A. Miller, R.J. Shipley, R.J. Parrington, D.P. Dennies
Published by ASM
Cover Hardcover
Document type Manual
EAN ISBN 978-1-62708-327-0
ICS 77 : Metallurgy
Number of pages 1164
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