ARINC Characteristic 791P1-3:2019

ARINC Characteristic 791P1-3:2019

791P1-3 Mark I Aviation Ku-Band and Ka-Band Satellite Communication System, Part 1, Physical Installation and Aircraft Interfaces

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This standard sets forth the desired characteristics of Aviation Ku-band Satellite Communication (Satcom) and Ka-band Satcom Systems intended for installation in all types of commercial air transport aircraft. The intent of this characteristic is to provide guidance on the interfaces, form, fit, and function of the systems. This document also describes the desired operational capability of the equipment needed to provide a broadband transport link that can be used for data, video, and voice communications typically used for passenger communications and/or entertainment. The systems described in this characteristic are not qualified, at this writing, for aviation safety functions.

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Author SAE-ITC, ARINC Industry Activities
Published by ARINC
Document type Standard
Edition 3
ICS 49.090 : On-board equipment and instruments
Number of pages 176
Keyword 700 Series
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