API MPMS Chapter 4.9.1:2022

API MPMS Chapter 4.9.1:2022

Manual of Petroleum Measurement Standards Chapter 4.9.1, Introduction to the Determination of the Volume of Displacement and Tank Provers, Second Edition



Chapter 4.9 covers all the procedures required to determine the field data necessary to calculate a base prover volume (BPV) of either displacement provers or volumetric tank provers. It will enable the user to perform all the activities necessary to prepare the prover, conduct calibration runs, and record all the required data necessary to calculate the base volumes of displacement and tank provers. Evaluation of the results and troubleshooting of many calibration problems are alsodiscussed.This component, Chapter 4.9.1, is the introduction, and contains all those relevant aspects that are general in nature, yet essential and applicable to all the different methods of calibration. Therefore, each subsequent part, which describes a specific method of prover calibration, shall be used with Part 1. Together, the two parts contain all the information that is essential to complete the required method of calibration.

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