3A 72-01:2002

3A 72-01:2002

Sanitary Standards for Italian-Type Pasta Filata Style Moulded Cheese Chillers



These standards cover the sanitary aspects of Italian-type pasta filata style moulded cheese chillers including but not limited to mozzarella and provolone cheese. The equipment described in these standards is used to cool the moulded cheese. The equipment shall begin at the point where the warm moulded cheese enters, and terminates where the formed-chilled cheese exits the mould. The equipment may include individual or combined components such as cheese moulds, conveyors, direct cooling media systems, and cheese demoulding apparatus. These standards include methods for direct cooling of the cheese and may include one or more of the following uses of the cheese cooling media: immersion, spray, cascade, circulation or
recirculation. With regard to the use of steam, water, or cooling media, the equipment shall begin and end at the manufacturer's supplied fittings.
In order to conform to these 3-A Sanitary Standards, Italian-type pasta filata style moulded cheese chillers shall conform to the following design, material, and fabrication criteria.

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