3A 40-04:2012

3A 40-04:2012

Sanitary Standards for Bag Collectors



These standards cover the sanitary aspects of bag collectors for the dry filter entrapment and collection of particulates of dry food products from air exhausted from spray drying systems, instantizing systems, or other dry product systems beginning at the flanges or junctions of the product/air inlets of the bag collector and terminating at the flanges or junctions of the air exhaust and product outlets.
With respect to pressurized air, the bag collector starts at the air inlet to the pressurized air reservoir, or, in the case of an internalpressurized air receiver, it shall start at the air inlet to the bag collector.
If the bag collector is designed for mechanical cleaning, these standards include the cleaning solution pipelines, valves, and associated components integral to the bag collector.
These standards also include materials and fabrication criteria appropriate for bag collectors,
a. to be cleaned by a variety of methods and with different degrees of prior disassembly.
b. which have optional integral fluid bed components.
These standards do not include product-outlet valves or any valves or isolation devices used upstream from inlet flanges or junctions, or downstream from outlet flanges or junctions.
In order to conform to these 3-A Sanitary Standards, bag collectors shall comply with the following design, material, and fabrication criteria, and the applicable documents referenced herein.

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