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ANSI/ASA S12.5:2016

ANSI/ASA S12.5:2016

Acoustics - Requirements for the Performance and Calibration of Reference Sound Sources Used for the Determination of Sound Power Levels

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Specifies the acoustical performance requirements for reference sound sources (RSS): temporal steadiness of the sound power output, spectral characteristics & directivity. Specifies procedures for providing level calibration data and uncertainty on a sound source intended for use as a RSS in terms of its sound power level under reference meteorological conditions in octave and in one-third octave bands, and with frequency weighting A. Specifies methods to calibrate RSS.

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Autor Acoustical Society of America (ASA)
Publicado por ASA
Tipo de Documento Norma
Formato Expediente
Fecha de confirmación 2016-04-11
ICS 17.140.01 : Mediciones acústicas y disminución del ruido en general
Reemplaza ANSI/ASA S 12.5 (2006)
Relaciones ISO 6926 (2016-01), IDT
Año 2016
histórico ANSI/ASA S 12.5 (2016)
País USA
Palabra clave ANSI 12;ANSI/ASA S 12;ANSI/ASA 12;12;ANSI ASA S12.5-2016/ISO 6926-2016