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UIC 70014:2016-09

UIC 70014:2016-09

Railway Application - Fixed installations - Maintenance Guidelines for OCL

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These guidelines relate to the activities to plan and perform to maintain the characteristics of overhead contact lines at the levels expected to guarantee the performance required for the relevant railway lines. This IRS sets out guidelines to ensure the best maintenance of all overhead railway contact lines (OCL) fed both in DC or in AC current, under different traffic conditions, speeds, etc. The leaflet can be applied in particular to maintain OCL systems operating at the following voltages: 25 kV, 50 Hz.

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Auteur UIC
Edité par UIC
Type de document Norme
Format Fichier
Edition révision n° 0
EAN ISBN 978-2-7461-2506-3
ICS 29.280 : Matériel de traction électrique
Nombre de pages 112
Année 2016
Historique UIC 70014 (2016-09)
Pays International
Mot-clé 70014;IRS 70014