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SAE J 1849:2012-10-15

SAE J 1849:2012-10-15

Emergency Vehicle Sirens (Stabilized: Oct 2012)

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This SAE Recommended Practice provides laboratory test procedures, requirements and guidelines for electronic siren systems with a single loudspeaker, and electromechanical sirens for use on authorized emergency vehicles, which call for the right-of-way. Test procedures and performance requirements for individual system components are not included in this version. Results obtained for a siren system with a speaker array that is greater than 0.5 m in any dimension shall apply to the system only when the array is in the same spatial configuration as tested (i.e., the same speaker separation and orientation).

Additional Info

Author SAE
Published by SAE
Document type Standard
Format File
ICS 43.040.20 : Lighting, signalling and warning devices
Number of pages 24
Replace SAE J 1849:2008-04-21
Set JPAKS10U-10
Year 2012
Document history SAE J 1849:2008-04-21
Country USA
Keyword SAE 1849;SAE J1849;SAE J1849;SAE J 1849

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