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ANSI C18.1M PART 1:2015

ANSI C18.1M PART 1:2015

Portable Primary Cells and Batteries with Aqueous Electrolyte - General and Specifications



This standard applies to portable primary cells and batteries with aqueous electrolyte and a zinc anode (non-lithium). This edition includes the following electrochemical systems: a) Carbon zinc (Leclanché and zinc chloride types) b) Alkaline manganese dioxide c) Silver oxide d) Zinc air e) Nickel oxyhydroxide Purpose The purpose of this publication is to: a) Ensure the electrical and physical interchangeability of products from different manufacturers; b) Minimize proliferation of cell and battery types; c) Define a standard of performance and provide guidance for its assessment; and d) Provide guidance to consumers, manufacturers, and designers. This is achieved by specifying items such as nomenclature, dimensions, polarity, terminals, marking, test conditions, and procedures.

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Author NEMA
Editor NEMA
Document type Standard
Format File
ICS 29.220.10 : Primary cells and batteries
Number of pages 54
Replace NEMA C 18.1M PART 1 (2009)
Year 2015
Document history NEMA C 18.1M PART 1 (2015)
Country USA
Keyword NEMA C 18;NEMA C 18.1M;NEMA 18;18;NEMA C18.1M PART 1