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ITU-T T.89

ITU-T T.89

Application profiles for Recommendation T.88 - Lossy/lossless coding of bi-level images (JBIG2) for facsimile



This Recommendation, Application Profiles for Recommendation T.88, specifies application profiles of the JBIG2 coding scheme, defined in ITU-T Rec. T.88 ISO/IEC 14492, for facsimile applications. The JBIG2 Recommendation specifies a collection of standard encoder/decoder components, referenced as a tool kit, that are used in generating and decoding JBIG2 conformant data streams. JBIG2 has standardized seven profiles, and encourages definition of additional application profiles to satisfy further needs of various application environments.

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Author ITU
Published by ITU
Document type Standard
Format File
ICS 33.050.30 : Equipment for telex, teletext, telefax
Number of pages 22
Replace ITU-T T.89 (2000-11)
Year 2001
Document history ITU-T T.89 (2001-09)
Country International
Keyword CCITT T.89;ITU-T 89;89;ITU-T T.89