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ITU-T F.170

ITU-T F.170

Operational provisions for the international public facsimile service between public bureaux (Bureaufax)



In accordance with the general conditions of Recommendation F.160, this Recommendation describes an international public facsimile service between public bureaux, provided that terminals are compatibles or compatibility is ensured by the network from the standpoint of the characteristics specified in the relevant Recommendations and in accordance with bilateral or multilateral agreements. This service, known internationally as Bureaufax, may be provided by telecom-munication Recognized Operating Agencies (ROA) or by postal Administrations.

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Author ITU
Published by ITU
Document type Standard
Format File
ICS 33.050.30 : Equipment for telex, teletext, telefax
Number of pages 12
Replace ITU-T F.170 (1995-10)
Year 1990
Document history ITU-T F.170 (1998-03)
Country Switzerland
Keyword CCITT F.170;ITU-T 170;170;ITU-T F.170