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I-Quest 2018 complete 14 collection CD-Rom (Single-User Version)

I-Quest 2018 complete 14 collection CD-Rom (Single-User Version)

I-Quest 2018 Complete 14 Collection CD-ROM



Includes all 2018 I-Codes:
2018 International Building Code®
2018 International Residential Code for One- and Two-Family Dwellings®
2018 International Mechanical Code®
2018 International Plumbing Code® (IPC®)
2018 International Fire Code®
2018 International Fuel Gas Code®
2018 International Energy Conservation Code® (soft cover)
2018 International Existing Building Code®
2018 International Wildland Urban Interface Code® (soft cover)
2018 ICC® Performance Code for Buildings and Facilities (soft cover)
2018 International Property Maintenance Code® (soft cover)
2018 International Zoning Code® (soft cover)
2018 International Private Sewage Disposal Code® (soft cover)
2018 International Swimming Pool and Spa Code® (ISPSC®) (soft cover)

This powerful tool contains the complete searchable text of the code. I-Quest's Folio® Search engine allows you to:
Enjoy multiple search capabilities
Utilize hyperlinks to sections and tables within each code
Copy and paste text, figures, and tables
Highlight and bookmark frequently used sections
Add your own searchable notes to text or hide them
Use the 'Update' feature to keep your code current and receive updates of subsequent printings
Not MAC compatible

Additional Info

Author International Code Council
Editor ICBO
Document type Code
Format Digital
Weight(kg.) 0.4000
Year 2018
Country USA