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EIA/TIA-578-B:2000 (R2014)

EIA/TIA-578-B:2000 (R2014)

Asynchronous Facsimile DCE Control Standard- Service Class 1



This standard contains protocols for use between a DTE and a Facsimile DCE. It includes automatic calling and answering. This standard defines the commands that the DTE may issue to configure and control the DCE, and the responses the facsimile DCE may issue to those commands. This standard is useful for intelligent DTEs and DTE software, facsimile DCEs, facsimile terminals, and Multi-Functional Devices with digital connection to DTEs. This standard assumes that the DTE and DCE are connected via serial asynchronous connection using EIA/TIA-232-E (or ITU-TITU V.24) circuits. However, the protocols defined may be implemented in any environment that provide a character serial bi-directional data stream, including processor bus attached 'fax boards', local area networks, Small Computer Systems Interface (SCSI, ANSI X3.131), IEEE 1284 parallel ports, etc. The adaptation of the protocols and procedures to these alternative communication schemes is for future study.

Additional Info

Author EIA/TIA
Published by EIA
Document type Standard
Format File
Confirmation date 2014-07-29
ICS 33.050.30 : Equipment for telex, teletext, telefax
Number of pages 68
Replace TIA/EIA-578-A (1995-05)
Cross references ANSI/TIA-578-B (2000), IDT
Year 2000
Document history EIA/TIA-578-B (2000-11)
Country USA
Keyword EIA 578;EIA/TIA 578;EIA/TIA-578;578;TIA/EIA-578-B;EIA TIA-578-B