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DIN EN ISO 18369-3:2018-04

DIN EN ISO 18369-3:2018-04

Ophthalmic optics - Contact lenses - Part 3: Measurement methods (ISO 18369-3:2017, Corrected version 2017-10-01); German version EN ISO 18369-3:2017



This standard specifies the methods for measuring the physical and optical properties of contact lenses specified in ISO 18369-2, i.e. radius of curvature, back vertex power, diameter, thickness, inspection of edges, inclusions and surface imperfections, and determination of spectral and luminous transmittances. This standard also specifies the equilibration solution (standard saline solution) for the testing of contact lenses.

Additional Info

Author DIN
Editor DIN
Document type Standard
Format File
ICS 11.040.70 : Ophthalmic equipment
Number of pages 52
Replace DIN EN ISO 18369-3 (2006-11)
Cross references EN ISO 18369-3 (2017-09), IDT
Year 2018
Document history DIN EN ISO 18369-3 (2018-04)
Country Germany
Keyword DIN EN ISO 18369;EN ISO 18369;EN ISO 18369-3;18369

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