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DIN EN 15528:2016-01

DIN EN 15528:2016-01

Railway applications - Line categories for managing the interface between load limits of vehicles and infrastructure; German version EN 15528:2015



This European Standard describes methods of classification of existing and new railway lines and the categorisation of vehicles. The standard specifies the technical requirements for ensuring the compatibility of the interface between a vehicle and infrastructure with respect to the vertical load carrying capacity of a line. The standard is suitable for use on freight, passenger and mixed traffic lines with standard track gauge and wider than standard track gauge. It contains requirements relevant to: - classification of the vertical load carrying capacity of railway infrastructure; - design of railway vehicles; - determination of payload limits of freight wagons. A summary of the classification of infrastructure and the categorisation of vehicles is given in Annex B. The assessment of the vertical load carrying capacity of civil engineering structures, track, sub-grade and earthworks by the use of the load models defined in Annex A permits the classification of infrastructure into line categories. This European Standard identifies on which lines vehicles are compatible to the infrastructure for regular traffic regarding vertical load effects. Line categories are provided for: - all traffic types; - heavy freight traffic; - locomotives; - multiple units; - lightweight passenger traffic. Portable trolleys as defined by EN 13977 are outside the scope of this European Standard as well as the working mode of maintenance vehicles (e. g. rail monted plant, cranes). This European Standard does not cover the system used in Great Britain, where all lines and vehicles are to be classified in accordance with the RA (Route Availability) System. A guide to the equivalent categories in accordance with this European Standard is given in Annex Q. This European Standard does not cover requirements relating to the maximum total mass or maximum length of a train. The requirements of this European Standard do not replace any regulations related to running behaviour of vehicles described by the assessment quantities for running safety, track loading and ride characteristics (see EN 14363). This standard does not impose any requirments to vehicles or infrastructure, but gives guidance to a simplified management of the interface between vehicles and ifrastructure. Publication of line categories is outside the scope of this European Standard.

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Author DIN
Editor DIN
Document type Standard
Format File
ICS 03.220.30 : Transport by rail
45.060.20 : Trailing stock
Number of pages 111
Replace DIN EN 15528 (2013-01)
Cross references EN 15528 (2015-10), IDT
Year 2016
Document history DIN EN 15528 (2016-01)
Country Germany
Keyword EN 15528;15528

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