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A4A Spec 42:2018.1 - Single-user

A4A Spec 42:2018.1 - Single-user

Spec 42: Aviation Industry Standards for Digital Information Security



Spec 42 provides recommendations on standardized methods to achieve the appropriate level of security for an application primarily relying on digital identities but in some cases transitioning from an existing manual process over time to a fully functioning automated digital identity-based solution. The intent of this guidance is to support a variety of levels of users and security requirements and guide an organization through that transition process. Key updates in this revision include:
• Added new guidance for Derived Credentials
• Added a new Enterprise Attribute Authority Policy
• Added new guidance for On-Aircraft Key Generation and Enrollment
• Deprecated the Medium Hardware - Organizational assurance level
• Clarified guidance for short-life certificates
• Replaced references to FIPS 140-1 with FIPS 140-2

Additional Info

Author Airlines for America (A4A)
Editor ATA
Document type Standard
Format File
Edition 2018.1
Year 2018
Country USA