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ASTM VOL 10.04 - 2017

ASTM VOL 10.04 - 2017

Electronics; Declarable Substances in Materials; 3D Imaging Systems
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• Online Basic version includes Active standards only

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Volume 10.04 covers standards on electronics, including:
• Innerlayer interconnections and bonding
• Materials and processes for vacuum tubes
• Electronic device characterization
• Hermetic seals
• Hybrid circuits and substrates
• Microelectronic packaging
• Leak testing
• And more
This volume also includes the latest standards relating to
• Declarable substances in materials
• 3D imaging systems
• Additive manufacturing technologies

Additional Info

Author ASTM
Editor ASTM
Document type Set
Support papier
Other Media papier
Edition date 4/1/2017
ICS 29 : Electrical engineering
Availability Available
Number of pages 876
Language English
Weight(kg.) 1.5892
Collection ASTMVOL10XX
Year 2017
Country USA
Keyword Annual Book of ASTM Standards 2015 ASTM VOL 10.04 ASTM-10-04- ASTM.VOL.10.04. ASTM-SECTION-10-04- ASTM.10.04. ASTM1004 ASTM10-04- ASTM10.04. ASTMVOL.10.04. ASTMVOL10-04-
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