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ATIS 0300232:2012 (R2017)

ATIS 0300232:2012 (R2017)

Human-to-Machine Interface Specification for Telecommunications Management



This standard provides general design information related to the Human Machine Interface (HMI). In the language of the Telecommunications Management Network (TMN), this interface was called the G Interface. The ITU-T standardized three important aspects of the HMI. This document provides a pointer to these standards and other information.

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Author ATIS
Editor ATIS
Document type Standard
Format File
Confirmation date 2017-05-11
ICS 33.040.20 : Transmission systems
Replace ANSI/ATIS 0300232 (2006)
Year 2012
Document history ANSI/ATIS 0300232 (2012)
Country USA
Keyword ANSI 0300232;0300232;ANSI ATIS 0300232;ANSI/ATIS 0300232-2012 (R2017)