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ANSI/ASA S3.42 Part 2:2012 (R2017)

ANSI/ASA S3.42 Part 2:2012 (R2017)

Testing Hearing Aids - Part 2: Methods for characterizing signal processing in hearing aids with a speech-like signal (a nationally adopted international standard)

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Describes a recommended speech-like test signal, the International Speech Test Signal (ISTS), and a method for the characterization of hearing aids using this signal with the hearing aid set to actual user settings or to the manufacturers' recommended settings for one of a range of audiograms. For the purposes of this standard the hearing aid is considered to be a combination of the physical hearing aid and the fitting software which accompanies it.

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Author Acoustical Society of America (ASA)
Published by ASA
Document type Standard
Format File
Confirmation date 2017-11-02
ICS 11.180.15 : Aids for deaf and hearing impaired people
Number of pages 27
Cross references IEC 60118-15 (2012-02), IDT
Year 2012
Document history
Country USA
Keyword ANSI 3;ANSI/ASA S 3;ANSI/ASA S 3.42;ANSI/ASA 3;3;ANSI/ASA S 3.42-Pt 2;ANSI/ASA S3.42-2012/Part 2/IEC 60118-15:2012 (R2017)