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ANSI/ASA S2.4:1976 (R2014)

ANSI/ASA S2.4:1976 (R2014)

Method for Specifying the Characteristics of Auxiliary Analog Equipment for Shock and Vibration Measurements



This standard provides uniform terminology and format for presentation of the performance of auxiliary analog equipment for shock and vibration measurements. It provides the manufacturer with a format to be used in presenting the performance of equipment and the user with a standard terminology for requesting information from the manufacturer so that the user will obtain a uniform, accurate, and more concise description of the characteristics of the auxiliary equipment.

Additional Info

Author Acoustical Society of America (ASA)
Editor ASA
Document type Standard
Format File
Confirmation date 2014-11-05
ICS 17.160 : Vibrations, shock and vibration measurements
Number of pages 10
Year 1970
Document history
Country USA
Keyword ANSI 2;ANSI/ASA S 2;ANSI/ASA 2;2;ANSI S 2.4;ANSI/ASA S2.4-1976 (R2014)