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ANSI/ASA S2.24:2001 (R2016)

ANSI/ASA S2.24:2001 (R2016)

Graphical Presentation of the Complex Modulus of Viscoelastic Materials



The mechanical properties of most viscoelastic materials depend on frequency, temperature, and strain amplitude at large strains. This Standard is restricted to small total strain and linear behavior. It does not cover the effects of static pre-strain or of dynamic strain amplitude. This Standard applies to presentation of modulus and loss factor data of viscoelastic materials as functions of temperature and frequency.

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Author Acoustical Society of America (ASA)
Editor ASA
Document type Standard
Format File
Confirmation date 2016-03-31
ICS 47.020.05 : Materials and components for shipbuilding
Number of pages 6
Year 2001
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Country USA
Keyword ANSI 2;ANSI/ASA S 2;ANSI/ASA 2;2;ANSI S 2.24;ANSI/ASA S2.24-2001 (R2016)