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ANSI/ASA S2.16:1997 (R2016)

ANSI/ASA S2.16:1997 (R2016)

Vibratory Noise Measurements and Acceptance Requirements for Shipboard Equipment



This standard contains guidelines for limiting the machinery and operating equipment vibration on board ships for the purposes of habitability and mechanical suitability. The mechanical guidelines result in a suitable environment for installed equipment and precludes many major vibration problems such as unbalance, misalignment, or other damage to the machinery and operating equipment.

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Author Acoustical Society of America (ASA)
Editor ASA
Document type Standard
Format File
Confirmation date 2016-06-16
ICS 17.160 : Vibrations, shock and vibration measurements
Number of pages 9
Year 1990
Document history
Country USA
Keyword ANSI 2;ANSI/ASA S 2;ANSI/ASA 2;2;ANSI S 2.16;ANSI/ASA S2.16-1997 (R2016)