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ANSI/ASA S12.23:1989 (R2016)

ANSI/ASA S12.23:1989 (R2016)

Method for the Designation of Sound Power Emitted by Machinery and Equipment



Standard describes a method for expressing the noise emission of machinery and equipment in a convenient manner. Standard applies to all machinery and equipment that is essentially stationary in nature and for which overall A-weighted sound power is a meaningful descriptor of noise emission. Standard is intended to facilitate preparation of equipment specifications, labels or other documentation that expresses in quantitative terms the noise emission of machinery or equipment.

Additional Info

Author Acoustical Society of America (ASA)
Editor ASA
Document type Standard
Format File
Confirmation date 2016-05-06
ICS 17.140.20 : Noise emitted by machines and equipment
Number of pages 11
Year 1980
Document history
Country USA
Keyword ANSI 12;ANSI/ASA S 12;ANSI/ASA 12;12;ANSI S 12.23;ANSI/ASA S12.23-1989 (R2016)