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  • RCC-MRx:2012 + Modificatif 1:2013

    Design and Construction Rules for mechanical components of nuclear installations.

    Language : French
    Support : Papier
    Our Ref. : 31035
    Author : AFCEN
    Edition Number : Ed 01/11/2012
    Type : Règles
    Status : disponible

    ICS :
    Nuclear energy engineering

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    Unit Price : 3240.00 €
    VAT or DUNS or Fed. ident. 5.50 %

    The scope of the RCC-MRx Code is limited to mechanical components : considered to be important in terms of nuclear safety and operability, playing a role in ensuring leak-tightness, partitioning, guiding, securing and supporting, containing fluids such as pumps, valves, pipes, bellows, box structures, heat exchangers and their supports. RCC-MRx was developed especially for Sodium Fast Reactors (SFR), Research Reactors (RR) and Fusion Reactors (FR-ITER); it can also be used for components of other types of nuclear facilities. The RCC-MRx is the result of the merging of RCC-MX and RCC-MR in one document.
    IATF 16949:2016

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